Thursday, January 23, 2014

Final Project

Our "company", C & J Productions, is a place in youtube were you can watch videos about the weekly soccer news. The link we used the most is FIFA, we also used the Barclays. The best thing about our project were the presentations we made about the news. The worse thing about the project was that we could not record any video because we did not want to, we perfered to make presentations. First, before we were going to make the youtube channel we were going to make a website. The website was harder to make than what we thought, so we decided to make our own youtube channel. The weakness of our project was that we did not make any videos, so we did not have any videos in the channnel. From this project I learned that you have to thing a way so people are informed about your youtube channel so you have more subscribers. If I ever have this project again I would try to make a website with news, but not only soccer news, all types of sports news.

The link of our proposal.
The link of one of our presentations.

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  1. I enjoyed watching your group's project evolve. It was great to see you so excited about screencasting and creating a YouTube Channel. I will take part of the blame for the equipment not working properly. I could imagine your finished product and I could see a use for it. I know that this was not your favorite project. I appreciate your feedback and I will definitely take that as I plan for the next class. I hope you are able to take some of what you learned and use it in your other classes.